GIE - EBA Biomethane map

This comprehensive map locates and lists all known biomethane installations running in Europe. It has been produced with the information gathered from national biogas associations, energy agencies and companies.

The map provides specific details about each biomethane plant, including their connection to the gas grid, feed-in capacity, main substrate used, upgrading process and date of start of operation. Cross-border interconnection points and pipelines are also indicated.

The map brings additional data about the European biomethane market evolution, distribution of plants in European countries, and forecasts of natural gas and biomethane indigenous production in Europe until 2037.

The 2020 edition of the map has been updated with new features such as:

  • The type of connection to the grid: some plants are connected to the transport grid, others to the distribution grid and a few are not connected as they use it for
    their own consumption.
  • The type of gas transported in a specific grid. It depends on national specifications and can be low caloric or high caloric.
  • The map also shows whether there is on site production of Bio-CNG or Bio-LNG, which can be used as a green fuel in the transport sector.

This is the second edition of the map. It has been made in cooperation between two organisations promoting the development of renewable gases: the European Biogas Association (EBA) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). The first edition of the map was launched in spring 2018.
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